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Alternative Treatments
Alternative Treatments

Standard addiction treatment uses a variety of therapies to treat all aspects of patients’ lives. Although these therapies are effective in most cases, all patients are not the same, and some individuals in Nevada may benefit from alternative treatment methods. These options can provide additional help for those who are learning to overcome the effects of addiction and who are trying to build effective lives without the crutch of alcohol or drugs.

What is Alternative Addiction Treatment?

Alternative addiction treatment is the use of non-standard therapies to help patients overcome their dependence and find effective ways to deal with cravings that may last for some time after treatment. These alternative methods are used along with traditional therapies to enhance the treatment process. Alternative treatment programs can be particularly beneficial for individuals who have trouble connecting in talk therapy or who feel counseling isn;t enough to produce mental and emotional healing. These alternate therapies provide additional ways to explore the reasons behind the addictive behavior and provide calming experiences to deal with cravings.

Principles of Effective Alternative Treatments

Alternative treatments must follow certain requirements in order to provide effective results for patients undergoing addiction therapy. One of the first principles for effective addiction treatment cited by the National Institute on drug abuse is that no one treatment is appropriate for all individuals. They also note that treatment must be readily available, flexible to the patient’s needs and must attend to multiple needs of the individual. Alternative treatments are designed to fulfill these requirements and provide patients with an effective and enriching therapy that aids in their recovery from addiction. Understanding that patients are individuals with specific emotional and psychological needs is a fundamental part of finding the right treatment program.

Art Therapy

Art therapy uses artistic expression to help patients get in touch with their emotions and experiences as they recover from addiction. In many cases, artwork can help to reveal feelings that are difficult to put into words and speech. Painting, sculpture, collage and other media are used to encourage individuals recovering from addiction to explore their inner lives and find new ways to express buried emotions. Colors, textures, shapes, and dimensions can enhance sensory experience and provide an enjoyable way to explore the inner world.

Music Therapy

Music has always had a soothing and calming effect that can be particularly helpful in patients overcoming addiction problems. Individuals with a background in music can use this method of expression to explore their inner worlds and find comfort as they recover from their illness. But music does more than just create beautiful sounds. Even people who have no musical training or gift for playing music can benefit from a simple drum circle, in which individuals re-learn how to interact with others and maintain their part of the rhythm.

Restorative Yoga

Individuals in the throes of addiction often lose the natural physical connection with their bodies as they deal with the overpowering urge for more drugs. Restorative yoga can help patients to reconnect with their physical sensations while increasing their strength and flexibility. Yoga also incorporates breathing and other calming techniques that help patients to deal with stress and cravings.

Equine therapy

Animals have a way of sensing the feelings and motives that are beneath the surface in humans. Equine therapy uses this ability in horses to encourage patients in addiction to deal honestly with their own emotions so that they can function better in normal life. In addition, working with the animals has a calming effect that helps these patients deal with the discomfort of cravings.


Biofeedback uses technology that measures tension and breathing rate and encourages individuals to actively create calming states of mind that reduce tension. This method can teach patients better ways to deal with stress and active methods for relieving cravings when they occur.


Acupuncture is an ancient Asian healing practice that uses very fine needles inserted at particular points in the body to relieve pain and improve health. It can be helpful in relieving the discomfort from cravings and to provide a general sense of well-being.

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care for addiction treatment helps patients to return to a state of physical comfort in which their nerves and circulation return to a healthier state. The spinal manipulation and other treatments can help to improve general health and reduce cravings that occur during and after a treatment program.

If you or a loved struggles with addiction and feel that alternative treatment may be right for your needs, call a treatment center in Nevada today to discuss your options for creating a healthier, substance-free life.